Capital Markets, Banking & Finance

The stock of regulations makes the capital markets difficult to navigate. We have a profound understanding of capital markets regulations along with the practical experience necessary to overcome regulatory hurdles.

We advise issuers and financial institutions in both debt and equity offerings in the Turkish capital markets, whether it be an initial or secondary public offering, bond issuance, private placement, or a crowdfunding offering. We also regularly advise public companies on both corporate law and capital markets regulations. We assist boards of directors and executives holding various positions on corporate governance issues and provide transaction-specific regulatory advice.

Our expertise in banking and finance covers transactional advice across every industry. We advise on a full spectrum of financial products including asset finance, fintech, acquisition finance, project finance, real estate finance, and trade, commodities and export finance. As part of our financial regulation practise, we advise our clients on regulatory compliance, identify and address regulatory risks arising in their business operations, and obtain regulatory approvals. Our expertise in financing transaction also includes inter-group finances and shareholder loan structures which may or may not include a licensed financing institution.  Mezzanine financing models and loan-to-equity investments are among the sophisticated transactions we advise our clients on.