Media & Entertainment

Media landscape is fast changing. We take as much work as possible off from our client’s shoulders and let good media companies focus on creating good content, focus on better curating their libraries and sustaining a steady and fresh flow of programming.

We provide legal services across all media and entertainment mediums. Our clients include production companies, casting agencies, media investors & financiers, broadcasters, distributors, rights management companies, theater operators, internet service providers, OTTs, pay-TV, IP-TV operators,  cable television networks, in terms of pre-production and postproduction processes. Services we provide range from managing contractual processes and providing documentational support across all types of entertainment law transactions.

We take the responsibility of every legal detail in the lifecyle of a production and content. This includes national/international production and co-production agreements, commissioning agreements, work-for-hire arrangements, remakes, distribution agreements, option agreements, trademark and copyright license agreements, sponsorship agreements, talent agreements, merchandising agreements among other media related matters.

We contributed with our services to many productions released on streaming platforms, linear TV channels and displayed by theatrical releases. We also handle the clearance processes of the productions (please see below for details) and assists our clients in content rating and classification application processes followed before Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Our services further include media law areas such as:

  • Production Counseling

  • Content Compliance

  • Streaming and Broadcasting

  • Content Acquisition and Copyrights

  • Production Financing

  • Music and Audio Content

  • Advertisement Law

  • Social Media and Internet Law

  • Combating Piracy