Intellectual & Industrial Property Rights

We have an in-depth understanding of how intellectual property rights are valuable assets of our clients for their businesses and reputation. Brand recognition and protection, trademark portfolios, patents and industrial designs, utility models, and copyrights are among key components of twenty-first-century businesses. Our team works to provide the most effective modes of protection in a globalized IP ecosystem full of new challenges.

Industrial Property Rights
We provide legal services to our clients in every stage of their trademarks, patents, designs, and utility models. Our work includes a wide range of services from registration and cancellation processes before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office to representing our clients in IP-based legal disputes. We help them develop the legal aspects of their brand-building and recognition strategies that are the best fit for the business. We work with the legal and marketing departments of our clients. We help them carefully pick their legal battles over their ever-fluid marketing strategies. We conduct due diligence services preceding trademark registrations and provide watch services for our clients. We also cooperate with industry experts for complex and high-level engineering analysis in our client’s industrial design and patent applications.
We provide our legal services in all aspects of copyright law. These mainly contain any type of audio-visual artistic works, cinematographic works, scientific and literary works, pieces of music and sounds, photographs and drawings, software and programs, and architectural works. We represent production companies, media corporations and all other sorts of corporate right holders in the protection of their license-protected copyrights in the framework of Turkish Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, license agreements and other private law contracts. We represent our clients in litigation procedures —particularly in plagiarism cases, indemnification and royalty fee claims, cease and desist action and similar court injunctions.