M&A yes.

But what kind?

M&A is a complicated process. Business cases an M&A expert has to heed vary to a great extent. Our clients already know that. They want to make sure the legal advisor they pick is as equally sophisticated as they are. We match this high expectation at every M&A transaction.

Smart Due Diligence
We tailor our due diligence processes to your needs and risk appetite. We flag and assess your deal risks in the early stages.
We assist all types of transfers pertaining to equity shares of limited or joint-stock companies. We take part in structuring and following through TCC regulated mergers and spin-offs.We flag and assess your deal risks in the early stages.
We provide our expertise in asset-based acquisitions, including transfers of real estates, leasehold rights, workforce, customer, vendor and distributorship contracts, IP rights, loans. Structuring packages, cherry-picking and carve-out arrangements.
We assist our clients in their contract-based non-equity partnerships, acquisitions, joint ventures.
In their acquisition of Turkish companies, we assist our clients in their questions about Turkish law and corporate culture. Our aim is to secure their rights to the maximum extent and walk them through the ins and outs of all Turkish law matters they need to know going forward with their inbound investment.
We also assist Turkish industrialists and entrepreneurs in their journey of welcoming institutional investors into their company. We advise our clients regarding things they should be prepared to expect to welcome their new partners. Our aim is to make sure the balance of power is never tipped against the selling partner.
All Sizes
We assist our clients in deals of all sizes.

Please do get in contact with us should you require to learn more about our M&A track record.